What is FarmHer?

A lifestyle brand of items inspired by land, cultivation, raising animals and the vintage farm lifestyle. my vivid memories of my great grandmothers home, decor, garden and household items heavily shape this line. We add a modern touch and the makers creativity to make this line a bridge between past and present. The best of both times.

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The Goods

A collective of unique makers and creators that you'll adore. A collection of good people with exceptional talent. All the products have been specially curated by farmher to fit within our brand.

The Drive

I'm a giant consumer and supporter of small businesses and creatives. My mom worked very closely with small businesses in her career so the importance and respect I got for them started young. In my late 20's I started to mess around with different crafts and really started getting obsessed with making, It was and is so theraputic. I dabble in a bunch of things still but that really is what started my deep love for makers and entrepreneurs. Getting my farm business going and creating my maker events allowed me to meet and collaborate with amazing talent. Not only talented, but genuinely good people. I selfishly collect these people in my life and now I'm sharing them all with you! Each maker has made items exclusively for farmher and we work together to create that perfect addition to fit the brand.